Particles and Health Conference 2021
Presenter Portal


Thank you for participating in this years Particles and Health conference. Please take a moment to read the information below. 

Conference Time

The conference is using London time, British Summer Time.

Watching Presentations

If you are participating in a session you will be able to view the conference once you join our system using the information below. Alternatively please use the “Live Event” link at the top of this page to join delegates in watching the conference broadcast. 

Giving a Presentation

What Time Should You Connect?

Please connect to our system at least thirty minutes before you are due to present or take part in a panel session. 

Presenter Links will become available prior to each session.
If you don’t see a link and you are due to present imminently then please email for assistance

Please find your session in the list below. Next to your name you will see two links. 

The first link is for your remote internet clicker.
This allows you to control your presentation remotely. Most of you have experienced this already when doing your pre-recording session.

If you wish to use a virtual ” Laser Pointer” then please read these additional instructions:

The second link will connect you to our system.
This link connects you to vMix, our remote connection system. You will be invited in to a holding area (“Green Room”) from where you can chat to other presenters who are online, as well as our technician. You will be able to view ongoing presentations here during your session. At the end of your session you will be disconnected from the system, and you should use the delegate portal (Live Event button at top of this page) to watch the remainder of the conference. 

How to arrange your screen 
We reccomend opening the two links in seperate windows. You can then rearrange the two windows giving around 90% of your screen over to the vMix live link, and keeping the Internet Clicker window (with the red and green arrows) in a tiny box. Use your mouse to control your slides by clicking on the red and green arrows.